About onlineshoppingorders.com
Onlineshoppingorders.com provide online shopping services in Pakistan from 2017.  Our mission is to make shopping easy and reliable for you. We help you to find products online quickly and efficiently. We provide products at reasonable price to your doorstep. You can use our site on your desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet to view product details and images in order to choose the right product, at the convenience of only a few clicks.

What are we selling on onlineshoppingorders.com?
Currently, we are offering our products in women fashion nationwide and electronic & computing in Islamabad/Rawalpindi.
We will soon increase our categories and make them deliverable nationwide.

Onlineshoppingorders.com 24/7 open shop

Steps to purchase an item in the shop.

1. Browse your favorite product on onlineshoppingorders.com

2. Enter your desired quantity and Click on Add to Cart.

3. Add another item or click to Go to Checkout.

4. Provide your shipping address & method.

5. On review & payments provide discount code if you have.

6. Place your order, we’ll email you an order confirmation with details and tracking info.

7. One of our sales representatives will contact you on your mobile for order confirmation. After your order confirmation, we will send your product. You will receive your product within 2 to 4 days.